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Zee TV : Bhootu Serial Full Details & Online Watch Link

Bhootu/Bhutu serial is a Bengali children’s comedy drama series aired on Indian Television channel Zee TV and Zee Bangla. The series was aired on 21st August, 2017 on Zee TV and replace the timings of Bin Kuch Kahe. The serial is broadcast from Monday to Friday at 06:30 p.m., IST. The show was first aired on Zee Bangla channel on March, 2016 to Feb, 2017. The show will cast 300 episodes in first slot. The show is directed by Srijit Roy. The show is starred by little Arshiya Mukherjee in the main protagonist. Manali Dev is also playing an important role in the Bhootu serial. He is seen in some Bengali movies and drama serials. The show became very popular in a very short period. The show stole hearts of many children. The new serial is based on a girl’s ghost, whose name is Bhootu. She always tried to help others often causing light mischief and mayhem in the process. The series is also based on little Krishna, friend of Bhootu. The character is based on Casper the Friendly Ghost. The show will feature the unique relation of Krishna and Bhootu. Bhootu is a girl who is dead, but in-spite she want to play with kids and hope for a normal live life. Whenever she told any child that she is a ghost, no one became friend with her. She became very upset and then she complain to Krishna. Here the story starts. Here we are sharing full details regarding cast, stars, story, online watch link, timings, wallpapers and repeat telecast timings of Bhootu Serial airing on Zee TV.

Bhootu Cast

  • Arshiya Mukherjee is seen in the serial Bhutu Majumder/ Bhutu. She take place in many hearts.



Arshiya Mukherjee : Bhutu Majumder//Putu Majumder
Mimi Dutta : Sudha
Animesh Bhaduri : Deepen Majumder alias Deepu
Ritoja Majumder : Krishna
Gita Mukherjee : Thammi
Judhajit Banerjee : Jethu
Riyanka Dasgupta : Mishti Pisi
Suman Banerjee : Prabal
Arpita Dutta Chowdhury :  Swapna
Sourav Chatterjee : Somen Majumder alias Somu
Chaitali Chakraborty : Churni Pisi/Ragi Pisi Thamma
Anindita Sarkar : Renu Pisi / Neki Pisi Thamma
Avery Singha Roy : Arna
Dwaipayan Das : Shayon
Prriyam Chakroborty : Bonna
Riya Ganguly Chakraborty : Ratri
Soma Chakrabarty : Guru-ma
Basanti Chatterjee : Mrinal alias Meni
Alivia Sarkar : Tania
Ashmita Chakrabarty : Munni
Prantik Banerjee : Boidujjo Bhowmick
Kheyali Dastidar : Pune pishi
Pallabi Mukherjee : Chaapa

Bhootu Story

Bhootu is the story of a jolly little ghost. The show revolves around Pihu, a 7-year old girl who is a cute little ghost. Not realizing that she has died, she looks and behaves like a regular girl her age. She wants to play with her friends, feels sad when they can’t see her, and is very disheartened as even her mother is not with her. Pihu’s only companion in this time is Bal Krishna and both share a unique friendship.

Bhootu Online Watch Link In HD Prints

Bhootu serial became favorite of children in a very short time. That is why the show is earning a huge TRP. Here we are sharing an online watch link for you to have a look on the episode of Bhootu Serial. Enjoy the video..

You can watch online Bhootu serial episode in youtube or

Bhootu Timings & Repeat Telecast Time

Bhootu serial first aired on 21st August, 2017 and replace the timings of Bin Kuch Kahe Serial.

DAY : Monday to Friday
TIME : 06:30 PM
REPEAT TELECAST : 03:00 AM, 09;00 AM, 01:30 PM & 11:00 PM

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