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Sony TV Serial : Hassil Full Details And HD Wallpaper

Hassil is a Hindi Drama Show on Indian Television channel Sony Entertainment. The show is produced by  Siddhartha P Malhotra. Hassil is thriller romantic drama serial. From this serial actor Zayed Khan makes his debut on Indian Television. Actress Nikita Dutta famous from the serial Ek Duje ke Vaaste, is playing a lead role in the show Hassil. Vatsal Seth is also main male lead of the show. Vatsal Seth is well known for Ek Hasina Thi. The story of the show is Zayed Khan and Vatsal Seth play brothers who fall for the same girl played by Nikita Dutta. The two brothers loves each other very much but what will happen when they fall for same girl. The story is quite similar to Bollywood movie in which Sanjay Dutt ans Salman Khan leading in the main character. Here we are sharing full details regarding cast, story, wallpaper, Online Watch Link, Photos, Timing, Repeat Telecast Timimg of Hassil.

Hassil Serial Cast

  • Zayed Khan is featuring the role of Ranvir Raichand. He is well known for his role Lakshman in the Main Hoon Na, Aditiya Singh in movies. Zayed Khan makes his debut on Indian Television from Hassil Show.
  • Vatsal Sheth is playing the role of Kabir Raichand. He was well known for the serail Ek Hasina Thi. He was last seen in the Gehraiyaan.
  • Nikita Dutta is featuring the role of Aanchal Shrivastava. She is well known from the serial Ek Duje Ke Vaaste.
  • Sheeba Akashdeep is featuring the role of  Sarika Raichand. She was last seen in the SauBhagyalaxmi.
  • Mohit Chauhan is playing the role of Mr. Raichand. He was last seen in the serial Dahleez.

Other Important Cast



Zayed Khan Ranvir Raichand
Nikita Dutta Aanchal Shrivastav
Vaastal Sheth Kabir Raichand
Yamini Singh Rupali Shrivastav
Savant Singh Premi Gaurav Raichand
Akash Pratap Singh Naina’s brother
Minal Mogam Naina Kapoor
Mohit Chauhan Jatin Raichand
Chirag Mahbubani Aman Srivastav
Sheeba Akashdeep Sarika Raichand

Haasil Story

Haasil is the story of two brothers Ranvir and Kabir Raichand, whose lives get entwined with a smart, righteous lawyer Aanchal Shrivastav.

The story introduces the Raichands – a very rich and influential family. Jatin Raichand is often sidelined by his assertive wife, Sarika. Their sons Ranvir and Kabir mean the world to them. Ranvir – the older brother – is portrayed as a rational, generous and selfless tycoon while Kabir is the opposite – protective of his loved ones(especially his brother) but a playboy and a complete brat. When Aanchal takes up the case of Ranvir’s secretary who was raped, she assumes Ranvir is responsible and gets him arrested. Sarika immediately threatens Aanchal and forms an extreme dislike for her. Aanchal is unfazed. Meanwhile, Aanchal hails from a middle class background. She has lost her father so her family comprises of her mother and younger brother Aman. They are supportive and worried for Aanchal when she takes on the case. However, the girl is killed soon after. After a series of investigations, it is revealed by the girl’s boyfriend that the duo was trying to set up the Raichands and make money. As Aanchal apologizes, she faces flak from Kabir and Ranvir’s employees. Ranvir, apparently, holds no grudge against her and hires her for his company. Aanchal is quickly rising in ranks and makes Gaurav Raichand, his cousin, very upset. He makes a pass on her and she slaps him. Both brothers support Aanchal. It is later revealed that Ranvir has fallen in love with Aanchal and her fiery spirit. During a work trip to Mauritius, Kabir follows Ranvir and Aanchal. He plays a few tricks on her but eventually befriends her. Later, it is revealed that this is a part of Kabir’s mastermind to lead on Aanchal and dump her right before the wedding to humiliate her. Ranvir assumes Kabir really loves Aanchal and backs off. Aman is suspicious of Kabir’s intentions. Back in Mumbai, Kabir is shown to be in a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship with Naina, a girl his mother wants him to marry. Naina is shown to be interested in Kabir for the power and wealth that comes with him – also to pay off the debts incurred by her brother. However, Kabir falls in love with Aanchal. Sarika doesn’t approve, because Aanchal’s ‘kundali’ says that her first husband will die soon. Naina and Sarika try to sabotage the relationship by revealing Kabir’s earlier intentions. Aanchal calls off the engagement, but when Kabir apologizes in front of the media by confessing everything and takes a bullet to save her Aanchal rethinks. It is revealed that the murder attempt on Aanchal was made by Gaurav Raichand, who wanted revenge and was acting upon the orders of Sarika Raichand. Gaurav has tried to break up Aanchal and Kabir before as well. Gaurav is soon found dead and Kabir is a suspect. Around this time, Ranvir is diagnosed with brain tumor. He suggests that Aanchal marry him first so that the prediction is fulfilled and she and Kabir can live happily ever after. Everyone is shocked at his gesture. Ranvir reveals he is adopted and he couldn’t do enough for the family who turned his life around. Aman is suspicious of Ranvir now. It is then revealed that Ranvir is faking brain tumor and had killed Gaurav to frame Kabir. He did this just to get married to Aanchal.

Haasil Online Watch Link

Here we are sharinf an online watch episode of Hassil serial. You can watch online episodes of Hassil serial on youtube or hotstar.

Haasil Timings & Repeat Telecast Timings

The show was first aired on 30th October, 2017.

DAY : Monday to Friday
TIME : 09:30 PM
REPEAT TELECAST : no repeat telecast

This is all about the ongoing serial Haasil on Indian channel Sony Entertainment Television. We hope this is enough information about the Haasil Serial. If you have any doubt regarding the serial you can write us via comments we will reply as soon as possible. Do like and share our page on social sites. Don’t forget to share your views and experience of watching Haasil serial with us. Stay tuned for more latest updates regarding serial. “P

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