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Zee TV Serial : Kaala Teeka Full Details & HD Wallpapers

Zee TV channel is aiming at graping more and more audience and to fulfill his desire, channel is launching new serials and shows. Kaala Teeka is a Indian drama serial broadcast on Indian channel Zee TV. It was first aired on 2nd November, 2015. Kala Teeka is produced by Tony and Deeya Singh under DJ’s Creative Unit. Kala Teeka is about a girl Sargam Khurana leading as Kaali. She will live as the shadow of Gauri ( character being played by Adaa Narang). Kaala Teeka is the story of Vishwaveer Jha (Bhupinder Singh) and his quest to keep his only daughter, Gauri safe and protected. Vishwaveer discovered that a baby girl who has been abandoned is able to protect his only daughter Gauri from a familial curse. We are here to share full HD wallpapers, images, pics, photos and pictures of Zee TV serial Kaala Teeka.

Kaala Teeka Serial HD Wallpapers

Adaa Narang kaal gori kali shargam wallpapers images pics

Sargam Khurana kaali kali zee tv serial Kala teeka wallpapers images pics pictures images

-adaa-narang-and-sargam-khurana-at-launch-of-zee-tv-new-show-kaala teeka

kala teeka Sargam Khurana wallpapers


zee tv serial kala teeka aali kali photos

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