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Zee TV Serial: Piya Albela Full Introduction & HD Wallpapers

Piya Albela is an Indian soap opera that is produced by Rajshri Productions and broadcast on Indian television channel Zee TV. The story will cover the life of Naren, who is fond of nature and have interest in helping out people. He loves to do things in a artistic way. Pooja is a beautiful girl, who enters in Naren’s life to distract him from his interests. Akshay Mhatre will be seen in the main male character Naren. He is known for Marathi TV show Swar Re. He is also known for some Marathi movies. Sheen Dass in the main lead female character Pooja. She was seen in episodes of Yeh Hai Aashiqui and Star Plus serial Silsila Pyaar Ka. Piyaa Albela is a modern-day interpretation of the classic love story of Menaka and Vishwamitra. The show revolves around Naren and Pooja, who are poles apart from each other. Naren is on the path of spirituality, studying psychology, more in the classroom of his mind and soul than an average college, Naren barely even reads the news. Unkempt in appearance and erratic in his manner, he is looked upon as reclusive and anti-social. Lost in his own world of meditation, the poor little rich boy is a rebel, a maze his own parents have failed to decipher. Pooja on the other hand, is all that Naren isn’t, warm, confident and a complete people’s person. Her talents range from being a karate champ who can straighten wayward boys trying to get fresh with her to dancing like a dream at the culturual nights of her university. Pooja came as the answer to all those questions Naren’s parents had in their minds and they were instantly convinced that Pooja is the girl Naren needs in his life. Alot of fans are searching for hd wallpapers, images of Piya Albela to download. Here we are sharing full HD wallpapers, images, pics, pictures, photos of Piya Albela serial for you to download. Here we go…

Piya Albela HD Wallpapers

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