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Zee TV Serial : Sethji Serial Full Timings Details & HD Wallpapers

Sethji is a new daily soap on Indian Television broadcast on Indian channel Zee TV. This show is produced by  Offshore Productions. Sethji is a story of an imaginary, ancient village set in Maharashtra – Devsu. To save the village from impending doom, almost 100 years ago natives of Devsu took a conscious oath never to cross the village border and never let anything from outside become a part of their village. Resulting in a world that is self-sustainable and thriving yet that is stuck in a time-wrap and devoid of technology. And the person, who governs this part of the world, ensuring that the traditions are held intact and safeguarded, holds the position of “SETHJI”. The current Sethji is Ahilya Devi, who took over the the title after her husband’s disappearance. Only the other hand, there’s Pragati who becomes a part of this village, born and brought up in the city, Pragati is a beautiful, smart and spunky girl of today’s time, not only is she a great believer in progress but also introduces the modern ways of the world in Devsu. This is the story of Sethji and Pragati and the quintessential struggle that we all face in our lives of the traditionalism v/s modernism. The new serial is starred by Gurdeep Kohli, Rumman Ahmed, Avinash Mishra, Divya Bhatnagar, Amol Bawdekar, Worshipp Khanna, Riya Chand, Danish Bhatt, Savi and Anurag. Avinash will be playing a young boy belonging to the village ruled by Sethji (Gurdeep Kohli). He would fall in love with a city girl, played by Rumman Ahmed. Their love story will create ripples in the tale. Prachi Thakker, renowned for her performance in shows Kasauti Zindagi Ki, Havan and most recently, Neeli Chhatri Waale will soon make a comeback to TV with Zee TV’s Sethji. Riya Chand, who played the lead in a DD show, will be playing the Badi Bahu of the house and her character will be very funny. The village is situated in Maharashtra and Gurdeep’s character on the show is not only strong, but she is a lady whose commands are taken as orders by everyone. Prachi will play a strong character, that of a very attractive woman who would be hungry for power. As per sources, “Prachi’s character will provide ‘mirch ka tadka’ with her uniqueness in character. The character will be a strong one with shades of very loud and over the top comedy as well as a grey shade.” The new show has a unique concept and it is liked by the audience. Sometimes due to many reasons we miss our show on the original timings. Here we came with a solution. We are sharing full timings and repeat telecast timings details of Sethji serial airing on Zee TV.

Sethji Serial Original Time

Monday to Friday

07:00 PM


Sethji Repeat Telecast Timings



MONDAY : 08:00 AM
: 03:30 PM
TUESDAY : 08:00 AM
: 03:30 PM
: 03:30 PM
: 03:30 PM
FRIDAY : 08:00 AM
: 03:30 PM
: 03:30 PM
SUNDAY : 08:00 AM
: 03:30 PM

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