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Zee TV New Serial : Vishkanya Full Details, Cast & HD Wallpapers

After launching Meri Sasu Maa Serial, Zee Tv is showing interest in launching another new serial. Zee TV have announced one more love story Vishkanya – An extraordinary love story.  It is produced by A brand new production company Peninsula Pictures. Aishwarya Khare is leading as main female character Aparajita Malay mittal aka Appu, Vin Rana is featurning the role of Malay Mittal and Prachi Sinha is leadng as 2nd main female lead Vardaan Malay Mittal. The show will cover suppernatural powers. Here we are sharing full details, cast, story, wallpapers, online watch promo video and timing of Vishkanya Serial.

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Vishkanya Serial Cast

  • Aishwarya Khare is leading main female character Aparajita Malay mittal aka Appu (Visha Kanya).
  • Vin Rana is featuring the role of Malay Mittal. He was seen in Mahabharat as Nakul.
  • Prachi Sinha is playing the role of Vardaan Malay Mittal. She was also cast in the film Angry Young Man as Sarah.



Aishwarya Khare : Aparajita Malay mittal aka Appu
Vin Rana : Malay Mittal
Prachi Sinha  :  Vardaan Malay Mittal
Ekta Sharma : Kumkum Mittal
Rohini Banerjee : Kalpana Ghosh
Kashish Duggal Paul : Nandhitha Mittal
Himani Shivpuri : Renu
Gagan Singh : Avinash Mittal
Tanveer : Sunder mamaji
Pradeep Kabra : Forest police officer
Simi Mukherjee : Niranjana Ghosh
Medha Bhattacharja : Tapur
Amit Khanna : Malay’s chacha
Nirmal Soni : Aatosh mamji
Akash Pandey : Nigam Mamaji

Vishkanya Serial Story

An unpredictable love story of star crossed lovers from the mysterious heartland of Kolkata. Vishkanya is the upcoming love story of Debo and Malaya. Debo Loves a man who can’t live without eachother. Malaya is the neighbor of her. The story get turns when Debo got cursed with widowhood and the man she finish her bond with, cannot live. It is going to be an unpredictable love story of star-crossed lovers from the mysterious heartland. Promos of the show have already been launched on the channel. In this impossible & complex fairytale romance, will her curse or love prevail?

Vishkanya Serial Online Watch Link

Vishkanya is an extraordinary story of a beautiful young couple set in the city of Kolkata. The young lovers seem to be a match made in heaven, with the exception of a cruel curse that is cast on the girl making the romantic fairy-tale a seemingly impossible one. The girl was never allowed to step out into the neighborhood because of this curse and was told she was unwell and was home-schooled. Soon as chance would have it, a young boy meets her and is completely mesmerized by her beauty. However the dark secret that has plagued her, their families and especially their relationship. Her latter-day Vishkanya, is cursed with widowhood as whoever she marries cannot survive. Where will the complicated and impossible romance will lead the lovers? And how will they be able to get out of this web of a cursed past?”

Vishkanya Serial Time & Repeat Telecast Timing

DAY : Monday to Saturday
TIME : 06:30 PM
REPEAT TELECAST : No repeat telecast

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