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Zee TV : Zindagi Ki Mahek Full Details & HD Wallpapers

Zee TV is famous for drama serials and reality shows. Zee TV is aiming at launching new TV serials to boost up audience and TRP. Zindagi Ki Mahek is one of the most watched serial on Indian television channel Zee TV. Zindagi Ki Mahek is produced by  Parin Media. It is first aired on  19 September 2016 by replacing the timing of Tashan-E-Ishq. The story of the show will depict the journey of a home maker. It is also based on the love story of Mahek Sharma and Shaurya Khanna (Karan Vohra) who live their lives in different ways. Shaurya is rich and wealthy restaurateur while Mahek is middle class girl. Cooking is her hobby and passion which is inherited into by her dead mother. Everyone is fond of her food. She is asked to participate in a competition, India Super Cook competition by her family to impress her potential would be in laws. This competition is coincidentally judged by Shaurya Khanna. Unaware of each other, they had already met on a social networking site under different names. While Shaurya hates middle class behavior, Mahek is as caring. As the competition starts, Shaurya instantly hates and judges Mahek for being a middle class girl. He is rude to her however, Mahek retaliates by insulting him. Samiksha Jaiswal is leading in the main female character Mehek SharmaKaran Vohra is playing main malew lead character Shaurya Khanna. After a series, Mehek gets a new job as chef in a big hotel run by shaurya’s business enemy KD. Unknown of this fact shaurya and rajiv approach mehek for a job offer. Shaurya gets sad knowing about mehek’s new job but he lets her to continue it. Later with fall of events mehek and shaurya develops feelings for each other and they confess it. Shaurya’s mom karuna invites sharma family to their house for marriage proposal. But svetlana and khannas insults and humiliates sharmas which makes mehek cancel the wedding. Seeking apology from mehek and to renew their relationship shaurya comes to sharma house and stays there. He then helps the family greatly and Mehak and him have a growing love. Eventually their wedding date is fixed. On the other hand Shaurya’s aunt and uncle want to stop the wedding, after many failed attempts on the wedding day they decide to drug shaurya and throw him into the swimming pool and leave him to drown. On the wedding day shaurya’s aunt and uncle give him juice which is intoxicated. Mehek has an extremely bad feeling when she and shaurya split up and shaurya doesn’t show up for the wedding. Here we are sharing full hd Wallpapers, images, pictures and photos of Zindagi Ki Mehak Serial airing on Zee TV.

Zindagi Ki Mehak HD Wallpapers

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